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Stock and Bill management SOFTWARE

Benefits of Stock/Bill Management System

The prime purpose for the use of this system is for keeping updated records.And Ablity to update and edit it.

  • Track items in your inventory effortlessly
  • Identify “Soon-to-expire” products in a click.
  • Get automatic alerts when stocks go low and refill them quick to avoid “out-of-stock” scenarios.
  • Eliminates the manual work involved in counting inventories.
  • Bill management system maintains a track of multiple bills of your company with your customer and helps in managing the company’s invoicing

What is stocks/Bill Management Software

  • Stock management software is used for the purpose of tracking inventor levels ,sales ,deliveries and the orders.
  • It is made to keep the records about the bills of the customers.
  • The admin can manage all the accounts and the registered users like employees and customers can only manage their own accounts.

Customize Bill Printing

  • It allows tracking the customer’s product and service, create and send invoices, and maintain received payment records.
  • This feature comes handy for all the transaction in prepaid or postpaid.
  • This system helps in maintaining the history and records of bills and the payments. Along with detailed description of purchase and customer data.

Barcode Scan Feature

  • Software allows you to use barcode scanning to add items to your bill.
  • As you sell your products or purchase new ones, your inventory will get updated when you add the bills.
  • Using smart detection technology, items in your stock will get updated.
  • E-mail the documents, print or save them as PDFs with just a click.

Get Real Time Updates

  • The software for stock management helps you take quick actions right before your inventory starts lacking an item.
  • You can keep the real-time inventory in check and place new orders with your suppliers before an item gets exhausted.
  • This software for stock management allows you to set up automatic order placement with your supplier and advanced management.
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