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Question Creation

Easy to add/import questions from word/document format as per different topics & subjects, Support Manual with Image question, Question with formulas, Manual with text question, Multi-Language question support.

Open Registration

Generate lead, Generate more revenue, Make the registration easy & fast, Automated paid test allocation for paid users, Email/SMS confirmation. Allow Others by providing them platform for conducting Examination and earn more.

Question Type

Single choice, Multiple choices, Numeric Based (For Gate), True & False, Fill in the blanks, Essay with Single choice, Essay with Multiple choice, Comprehension based. Deign any kind of question pattern in ease with TLW Online Examination Software

Live Exam Creation

Subject Based Timing and Locking – current IBPS pattern, Scheduled Exams, Non-Scheduled Exams, Re-Attempt option (student take exam more than once), Multi-Language exam support.Adavnced level features Buil-in and fully customizable on-demand.


Why choose online examination system

  • Online Examination System has proven its significance in the educational sector very well. No doubt, we all know, but things become more convenient and efficient when you know which online assessment software or online exam software is going to benefit you the most. This is one such platform that has the capability of become your first and last choice and solving all your queries and doubts regarding online examination system.
  • The benefits of online examination software is not limited to few, right from the exam conduction to result generation you enjoy the task and complete it effortlessly. Some of the major benefits are you save time, money and paper, ill activities like cheating can be prevented i.e. high level security and privacy, instant and detail result generation, large number of students can give the exams at a time, no need of invigilators, exams can be conducted anytime, anywhere and from any device, accessibility, flexibility and most important you save lots of tree from cutting.
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